Support Planet eXe Website

Website Support, Maintenance & Security, Change Requests

  • Training
  • User support
  • Technical support
  • Update WordPress if there is a new release
  • Update the site, plugins and themes to the newest releases
  • Content updates
  • Navigation changes
  • Programming updates
  • Test the website to ensure the updates did not break anything
  • Install and configure WordPress security plugins


  • Fixing hacked websites
  • Security best practices
  • Backups

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Planet eXe does its best to prevent hackers from getting in; however, due to the nature of the industry, we cannot guarantee that they won’t get in initially or back in again.

Most sites developed these days are based on multiple pieces of software, themes and plugins. Website, software and plugin developers have different levels of expertise and apply a varying level of best practices. The smallest change can sometimes break or cause bugs within the website. We are pros at managing this difficult process; however we cannot guarantee that additional problems will not happen and that these problems will not incur additional fees.

Computer Services

Is your PC running slower than it used to? We’ll get it running the way it should.
Component Installation
Need your device setup and functioning properly? We’ll install the latest software for it and confirm it’s working for you.
Diagnostic & Repair
Is your PC infected with Spyware and/or a Virus? Let us help you ease the frustration and get you back on track.